1. Valentine’s Day card for KQED
  2. KALX Tshirt design
  3. Bay Area Girls Rock Camp album cover
  4. Alberta Co-op Grocery Tshirt design
  5. Zombie chapter header for “Z:Zombie Stories” published by Nightshade Books
  6. “Sofia” print – commissioned piece for baby’s birthday
  7. Spread for “Inside”, written and illustrated by myself
  8. Bat page for “Inside”, written and illustrated by myself
  9. – 19. Ink drawings – misc. animals
  10. Wedding Art (commissioned for display at the event)
  11. Beth Ditto/ Gossip fan art, painted on silk
  12. Betty the Buttefly Cake, for Kraft contest
  • Role Graphic Artist/ illustrator
  • Date 2011 – 2017